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The Use of Power Transfomers on The Network : Power Generation

The power transformer enables the optimized transmission of electrical energy and is an essential component at each step, from generation to consumption. Power transformers can be classified by their application type, by their position and function in the transmission and distribution networks, as well as by the type of power supply that they provide to […]

Power Transformer History

1. EARLY STAGES The basic transformer principle and its applications in the electrical equipment domain were systematically discovered in the nineteenth century by a series of creative engineers and inventors,  many of whose names are, to this day, associated with some of our most common tools and processes. From the initial discovery of electromagnetic induction […]

Overview of Power Transformer

Transformers are vital components in the electricity transmission and distribution systems on which so many of us depend for our modern standard of living. Largely hidden from public view, transformers are the enabling technology for the efficient transport of electrical energy from where it is produced, whatever the primary fuel source, to where it is […]